Missing default VS2010 snippets?

Mar 20, 2012 at 6:03 PM

I'm wondering why Microsoft didn't include default snippets in VS2010 that were available in VS2008. A lot of those were quite valuable and I miss them terribly. I've done some searching (not super rigorous) for collections of snippets that return the VS2010 collection to it's prior glory, but all I can find are small individual projects like this one, mostly with reworkings of the current defaults.

As I'm sure people can appreciate, googling for "snippet" and related terms returns all kinds of hits that are not related to VS snippets as discussed here. That makes finding anything but a multitude of "how to create a snippet" tutorials very difficult.

Does anyone have links to other projects like this one, or perhaps a collection provided by Microsoft?

Can we copy/install VS2008 snippets into VS2010? I still have my old dev environment on another hard drive. I just don't know if MS changed the underlying format of snippets between versions.